Carpet Vs. Pets

The Benefits and Value of a Professional Carpet Cleaning

A professional carpet cleaning is something that is often times overlooked by many. It may not be at the top of our priority lists when budgeting essentials and items for our home. After all, you vacuum regularly, scrub and spot treat as needed, and maybe even use the hand held carpet cleaning machines every now and again… how much value and worth can a professional cleaning really add, right? Well the answer may lie in the actual carpet itself. Carpet harbors a lot of unseen bacteria, hair, dirt, and dust, and even regular vacuuming with a high suction machine usually leaves behind many, many of these dirty little particles. You simply need a more in-depth cleaning every now and again to be sure your home is free and clear of these bugs and bacteria, keeping you and your family as healthy as possible in the cleanest environment that can be provided. Not only will your carpet look and smell much better to the naked eye even, but it will be sanitized and stain free, giving you the overall goal of cleanliness and sanitization, which we can certainly all use especially during the cold and flu season!

Listed below, I have outlined the top 5 of the biggest benefits to having a regular professional carpet cleaning done:

  1. To improve the look of your carpet. Yes, pretty basic and simple, but is the main reason people want their carpets cleaned professionally. Vacuuming and spot cleaning occasionally does a decent job and makes the surface appear clean, but cannot compare to the look of a professional cleaning job.
  2. To improve the smell of your carpet. No matter how much we scrub out the spills, vomit, urine, pet odors, etc., there’s no getting around the fact that the bacteria, germs, and overall grime are still bound to back up and eventually cause a bit of an odor in your home. A professional carpet cleaning rids your carpet and indoor space of these odors, and makes your home something you can be proud of and happy to show off should the random, unexpected guest just happen to stop by.
  3. To prevent your carpets from harming your health. Included in your dirty carpets full of dust, grime, bacteria, and germs, is the ability for them to make you and your family sick. Especially if you have small children or pets, or if someone in your home is especially prone to allergies, carpets that may seem innocent need that professional cleaning to help them stay clean and free of these factors and creating any potential health risks.
  4. To prevent permanent stains. When you regularly clean your carpets, you drastically reduce the likelihood of stains becoming permanent. Treating stains as quickly as possible becomes very important because as we all know, the quicker you act, the less likely the chances are that the stain will have sunk deep down into the carpet fibers and dried, leaving you with a permanent reminder of that spill or accident.
  5. To protect your investment. Carpet for your home is expensive! Not to mention time consuming and stressful when you’re left to search for just the right color or look for a certain room, or to decide the thickness or quality you want to provide in a particular space. Regularly cleaning your carpet helps to protect the investment you’ve already made and keeps it in good condition. This is especially important if your carpet is brand new, or if you plan to sell your home anytime soon.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned is something we recommend you have done 1-2 times/year, especially on your high traffic and any problem areas. In addition to the professional cleanings, we recommend vacuuming your carpets 1-5 times/week (depending on your level of foot traffic). This will keep your carpets looking and smelling their best, and in turn protect your health and your investment.

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