Bedroom window boarded up after fire damage in Missoula, MT

Residential House Fire in Missoula, MT

This rather small house made for one BIG project! Beginning in the back bedroom on the main floor when an oxygen tank exploded, Five Valleys Restoration got the call and was onsite to do the initial board up immediately. Once the home had been cleared through the fire marshal and insurance companies, we sent a crew of our guys over to begin the initial demolition process and clearing of the home. We removed personal contents one by one, saving anything possible for the homeowner to keep, which go through a rigorous cleaning process to rid them of the smoke smell and restore them back to original, pre-fire condition. Anything that is unable to be saved, is cleared out and removed. After the long and time consuming clear out and demo stage, the home was ready for a partial new roof, patching and repairing the damaged sections and rebuilding some sections completely, new walls were installed throughout the main level of the home, and new support beams were put in place to keep the structure safe and up to code. New sub flooring was installed where needed, and we are now moving on to insulation and drywall…

Check back often for updates of this project, and to see the transformation and finished product!