We don’t necessarily enjoy getting the call and knowing that someone needs our emergency services, but that is exactly what we are here for and will respond and help immediately! This particular flood project was caused by a thermostat that failed, (causing the furnace to turn off) this caused the pipes to freeze and break in the upstairs master and guest bathrooms, which flowed down into the kitchen and dining area as well as the basement. This flow of water soaked everything from ceilings and insulation, to walls and floors. The project that ensued was large and involved, and the fact that the owners were also in the middle of selling their home at the time as well, just added to issues for everyone.

Five Valleys Restoration and Cleaning was able to show up onsite and begin extracting water and setting drying equipment right away. Once the structure was fully dry, we moved on to the next step which included demolition and cleanup. We sent a large crew of technicians over to make sure the process went as quickly and smoothly as possibly, not only for our client but for the future homeowners as well. Insulation was pulled from ceilings and inside the walls, wet sheet rock was cut out and torn down, flooring was ripped up and hauled away, cabinets and fixtures were removed, and anything else to get the home prepped and ready for repairs (and also some upgrades that the homeowners chose to do while it was all torn apart anyways). Once new sheet rock had been placed, paint was installed, and new cabinets, flooring, fixtures, etc. were all installed and set.

The “before and after” look on this project is unbelievable, and their newly reconstructed and updated home is stunning! Five Valleys Restoration and Cleaning was very proud to assist and help this client, from the initial water inspection to the pristine completion of their home in ready-to-sell condition, we were there every step of the way, from start to finish!