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Water  & Sewage Damage Restoration

Serving Commercial and Residential Properties in Western Montana for Water  & Sewage Damage Restoration

Immediate Water Damage Help & Cleanup 24/7/365

Whether the result of small leak from a broken pipe or a natural disaster, water damage spreads fast leaving damage and risk for homes and businesses. These problems can lead to structural issues, mold, and contamination.


Call our Five Valleys Restoration and Cleaning team. We are certified in water mitigation services and will remove any standing water, decontaminate areas affected, and restore the structural damage.

Call Today - Get Fast, Professional Water Damage Restoration!
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Why Choose FVRC

When water damages your home or business, you need an immediate response from professionals who know how to minimize damage quickly and fully restore and rebuild your home or business.

Five Valleys Restoration is available

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year 

so that we can help you when you need it most.

Experienced and Certified Professionals

We Get There Fast! 24/7/365 Service

Turnkey Service from Start to Finish

FVRC Water Damage Restoration Services Include


Moisture Measure
and Mapping

A flooded home or business can lead to hazardous mold growth if left for too long. Call immediately if your home or business has water damage from a flood, burst pipe, sump pump failure, or something else.


Structural Drying

Five Valleys Restoration and Cleaning will locate both obvious and hidden water damage with our moisture mapping process. Then we work to dry the structure and prevent future problems such as mold. 


Water Extraction

Five Valleys Restoration and Cleaning will remove water quickly to secure your home or commercial property to prevent unnecessary additional damage.



Five Valleys Restoration has dehumidifiers and air movers to dry structures. This equipment will remain in place until the room reaches the desired humidity and moisture level goals.


Selective Demolition

When your home or business has water damage, Five Valleys Restoration will remove damaged or non-salvageable building materials with total or selective demolition.

Missoula Water Damage Restoration

Reconstruction Service

Mitigate downtime by using Five Valleys Restoration and Cleaning as your full-service general contractor. We can help you begin the reconstruction planning process immediately following the event or loss. 

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Water Damage Restoration from Experts Who Care
Five Valleys Restoration's, goal is to return your home or business to pre-disaster shape as quickly as possible. Our certified and trained staff will assist in all aspects of your care, from the time of the disaster to complete reconstruction and repair.
  • What are the 10 most common water damage causes:
    Burst pipe (age or frozen) leaking or broken water pipes Water heater failure or leaking Sewage backups or sump failure / septic failure Appliance water line leak or failure (ice maker or water line) Toilet overflow / appliance overflow Kids and pets (clogging sinks, toilets etc.) Ice damming Roof leaks Vacant / unoccupied homes Sprinkler systems – commercial and exterior
  • How do you prevent water damage in your home?
    Call Five Valleys Restoration & Cleaning today to have one of our highly-trained and certified water mitigation experts test your living environment for any moisture or signs of water damage. It can take less than 72 hours for toxic mold to start growing. By having our mitigation experts test for moisture in floors and walls, we can detect water damage early and prevent additional damage by restoring your property. Most damage can be avoided by routine maintenance and weekly checks Know where your water main shut-off valve is located Check for leaks in bathrooms, laundry and kitchen Make sure all gutters and down spouts are clean Call Five Valleys Restoration & Cleaning for all of your water damage needs
  • Important facts about sewage and other hazards during water damage cleanup
    Water damage cleanup is an involved process and can often be hazardous. Water conditions in a home or business can be a safety concern due to electricity from contaminated water sources. When dealing with a sewer backup it is important to remember that you are dealing with a biohazard situation. Water from sewage or outside flooding often contains dangerous bacteria that can spread to other materials if not properly contained and cleaned up. When sewage enters your Western Montana home, call Five Valleys Restoration & Cleaning for safe, fast, and efficient cleanup services.
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